Site of the Month: Anglers Club, India. May 15, 2009

www.anglersclub.inEnjoy your fishing with Anglers Club, India
Making angling available for all at the same time taking care of the environment very well.

Welcome to the home page of The Anglers Club, India (Fishing Club), one of India’s leading angling clubs. Members enjoy an extensive choice of venue, including lengthy beats on the rivers Cauvery, Mahakali together with Covelong Beach at Kovalam. + View Website


Site of the month, May 09. Chennai Mission Org


chennai-mission-home-page-shotChennai Mission is a Charity Organization and the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) wing of M/s. Oriental Cuisines Pvt. Ltd. India. Now, Oriental Cuisines owns a total of 46 units in India and more than 60 units abroad.


1. Empowering the underprivileged and skilled Youth to live life the unpretentious way
2. Provide Merit Scholarships for deserving candidates ranging from Corporation Schools all the way up to Graduation and Post-Graduation courses.
3. Joining with NGO’s and setting up a chain of Bakeries and Patisseries. Thereby, employing and empowering the youths with culinary skills. The subsequent profits from these institutions are further invested back for successive charity activities of the NGO’s.

+ View Website

What is Corporate Presentation?

Professional Presentation on Thin Budget

Why Corporate Presentations

In a study it was concluded that a sales team was able close deals with prospective customers more effectively and in lesser time by using Multimedia based Sales demonstration. In another study it was concluded that managers were able to retain and understand information far better with a multimedia based presentation. Multimedia based presentations can wake up sleeping executives and also involve them in active interaction during the presentations. They are a effective marketing tool that can empower any sales team whether it is selling products or services.

Types of Presentations

Interactive (Navigable)
These presentations have a navigation structure and the viewer can choose the topics she wants to go through by clicking and choosing. They require active interaction from the user. All the elements of Multimedia like sound or Animation are effectively utilized to make the transfer of message clearer. This type of presentation is suited to be handed over to a prospective customer or to be distributed at a seminar or trade show. These can also be used for in house, simulated, hands on training. 
Self Running 
A self running multimedia presentation is like a sales demo that can be shown to a group of people. It does not require any navigation techniques and runs continuously. Content-wise it is similar to the Interactive Presentation.

We are confident that your product line or brand will immensely benefit from a multimedia presentation. Empower your sales team with a multimedia presentation and see them churn out better sales, demo after demo. Please get in touch with us for a free evaluation of the suitability of this concept for your product or service. Mobile: +91-98840-28123

We have done many presentation for the companies in India and abroad. 


Team, Silex Technologies, India

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