[Video] 17 Hours of JavaScript from the Masters

Douglas Crockford. John Resig. Peter-Paul Koch. Nicolas C. Zakas. If you recognize these names, you probably know what they all have in common: they’re amazingly talented JavaScript Developers. Today, you’ll hear from all of them, in this roundup of JavaScript presentations. Be ready to stretch your brain!

1: Javascript: The Good Parts

2: The JavaScript Programming Language

3: An Inconvenient API: The Theory of the DOM

4: Advanced JavaScript

5: Games, Performance, TestSwarm

6: Speed Up Your JavaScript

7: Best Practices in JavaScript Library Design (or Building a JavaScript Library)

8: Drop-In JavaScript Performance (or Perfomance Improvements in Browsers)

9: JavaScript Events

10: Scalable JavaScript Application Architecture

11: ECMA Harmony and the Future of JavaScript

12: The State and Future of JavaScript


There are many videos and presentations out there that aren’t just about JavaScript, but certainly involve it. Check these out:

The JSON Saga

  • Length: 49 minutes
  • Speaker: Douglas Crockford
  • Slides

Server-Side JavaScript

  • Length: 23 minutes
  • Speakers: Isaac Schlueter and Matt Hackett

Advanced JavaScript with Libraries, and part 2

  • Length: 56 minutes
  • Speaker: John Resig

Ajax Security (mp3 link)

The DOM is a Mess

That’s It!

+ Read, Watch Video here: Article

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