How do I fight spam?

Q: How do I fight spam?

A: The three most common ways to fight spam are:

1. Decoy Email Address
Only give out your personal Email address to your family and friends. Don’t put your personal Email on any Web site, register on any site or sign up for any newsletters with that address.

Do sign up for a free Email account with one of the major Email service providers. Use this Email address as your public Email. This will be the one that you use for newsletter subscriptions and registering at any Web site. The major free Email service providers also have junk mail filters that catch some of those unsolicited messages.

2. Email Filters
Set up your own Email filters through Outlook Express or Netscape. If you’re not hit with more than a dozen spam messages a day and don’t mind the hassle of those messages coming to you, you can set up your inbox to automatically send spam to the trash.

3. Spam Blocker Software
There’s software on the market that takes a list of known spammers and filters their Email before you even see it. Software is available for free or some programs require you to purchase it. Visit to see their current downloads of spam blocker software.

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