Using a Secure Web Server

web_serverYour Web server and the browsers of its visitors communicate by sending messages. The browser requests a file that contains the HTML for a Web page.The server sends the information in the file. The communication between server and browser is not secure. Someone on the Internet between you and the person requesting your Web pages can read the messages that are being sent. If your site collects or sends credit card numbers or other secret information, you must use a secure Web server to protect this data.

Secure Web servers use Security Sockets Layer (SSL) to protect communication sent to and received from browsers. This is similar to the scrambled telephone calls that you hear about in spy movies. The information is encrypted(translated into coded strings) before it is sent across the Web. The receiving software decrypts it into its original content. In addition, your Web site uses a certificate that verifies your identity. Using a secure Web server is extra work,but it’s necessary for some applications.

You can tell when you’re communicating using SSL. The URL begins with HTTPS, rather than HTTP.

Information about secure Web servers is specific to the Web server that you’re using. To find out more about using SSL, look at the Web site for the Web server that you’re using. For instance, if you’re using Apache, check out two open-source projects that implement SSL for Apache at and Commercial software is also available that provides a secure server based on the Apache Web server. If you’re using Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS), search for SSL on the Microsoft Web site at

What is Red Hat Linux?

Red Hat Linux Logo
A commercial Linux distribution, popular amongst web hosts.

What is telecommute?

To work at home or some other location remote from one’s place of employment, making use of a computer, telephone, fax, and/or modem to receive job assignments and send in completed work.

What is an IP address?

IP is short for Internet Protocol. An IP address is a unique numerical address assigned to every machine connected to the Internet. This is a unique string of numbers identifies a computer or server on the Internet. These numbers are normally shown in groups separated by periods

The 32-bit numeric address that identifies an Internet host to other computers on the Internet.

Every computer on the Internet or an Intranet has a unique numerical address in the form abcd where ad are numbers from 0-255. For example: “”. For convenience many computers also have a name something like “”

What Information Is Needed To Change A Domain Name Server (DNS)

A domain name server (DNS) change requires:

Service Request Email from your Administrator.

At least two domain name servers (DNS) with their corresponding IP Address, from the service provider that will be hosting your domain name.

How do you compare Search Engine Listings with other?

How do search engine listings compare to banner ads, bulk email or affiliate programs?

A study conducted by NPD Group, a research group specializing in consumer purchasing and behavior, tested the impact of search listings, bulk email, and affiliate programs across a variety of target markets. In every situation, search engine listings came out on top.

Results: Consumers are 12 times more likely to purchase your products or services after finding your web site through a search engine than all other programs combined!

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