Internet Turns 40

internet turns 40

The 40th anniversary of the “official” beginnings of what is now the Internet. On that day, in 1969,  wrote Dr. Leonard Kleinrock in Volume 2 (page 305) of his two-volume set “Queueing Systems“:

“… the embryonic one node network (!) came to life when the first packet-switching computer was connected to the Sigma 7 computer at UCLA. Shortly thereafter began the interconnections of many main processors (referred to as HOSTs) at various university, industrial, and government research centers across the United States.”

Thus was born the ARPANET.

An AP story marking the anniversary says that Dr. Kleinrock (and no doubt J.C.R. Licklider, Larry Roberts, Wesley Clark, Paul Baran, Thomas Marill, Charles Herzfeld, Bob Taylor, and the many others involved in its beginnings) never envisioned that the ARPANET would evolve into what it has today. What began as a way to openly and freely exchange information among scientists and engineers became all that and more.

For instance, a story in Fast Company last week noted that Internet users in the US watched some 21.4 billion videos in July and the average online video viewer watched 8.3 hours of video.

Also in July, the video game company Electronic Arts proudly announced that its Battlefield 1943 customers had killed more than 43 million enemies in just one week:

internet-turns-40“”Watching and participating in this non-stop multiplayer action has been a real treat for us and we can’t believe how fast our fans reached 43 million kills. We can now truly say that we have set a new standard for what can be done in the downloadable games category and gamers recognize the endless value that Battlefield 1943 provides for just $15.”

In a New York Times story last week, Google says that it now lists some 330,000 Web sites as being malicious, over double the150,000 a year ago.

And a story last month in the London Daily Express discussing the various Internet (and other technology) related injuries people now have that they didn’t have 40 years ago. The paper says that some 5 million staff days are lost per year in the UK due to Internet surfing related injuries.

How the Internet will evolve over the next 40 years is anyone’s guess (and feel free to make a prediction), but we should give some special thanks to those in ARPA who decided to fund the effort, the universities and government labs who built it out, and others in government who were wise enough to let it grow freely, those 40 plus years ago.

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Advantages of Internet Vs. Traditional Advertising

Internet advertising is huge

With the growth of information on the Internet has growth the amount of time people spend on it, which has in turn generated a new market for internet advertising. Some of the wealthiest companies in the world have made sure that they get a piece of the Internet marketing pie, and for a good reason.

Internet advertising is targeted
As a company looking for advertising opportunities to a specific market, Internet advertising offers some targeting methods that insure that those who see your ads are the ones most likely to buy. Programs like Google  AdWords and AdSense match up advertisers with content that their target market peruses regularly. Forget the costly machine-gun strategy of newspaper advertisements, Internet advertising is targeted!

Internet adverting enables good conversion tracking
It’s impossible to get a good idea of how many people see advertising through traditional means. Tracking the reach of newspaper and television advertisements is difficult. However, internet advertising allows the advertiser to track the number of impressions an ad gets (how many people see it), and how many visits their business web site gets from particular ads, making it easy to see what kind of conversion rates Internet advertisements are getting.

Internet advertising has a lower entry-level fees
If you have a limited budget, Internet advertising can be much more in reach than traditional methods. A small yellow-page ad can cost several hundred dollars. However, you can bid for advertisements on Google and Overture on a performance basis. That means that you only get charged when visitors click on the advertisement, and bidding starts at a nickle or dime a pop.

Internet advertising can be much less expensive
Because of the targeted nature of Internet advertising and the ability to track the effectiveness of ads, conversion rates from Internet advertising is typically much better than traditional mediums.

Internet advertising has greater range
One more benefit is that, since the Internet spans the globe, pockets of your target market scattered around the world can all be targeted at once, rather than trying to find different publications, radio stations and television stations that cater to a particular geographical area.

“On the whole, Internet advertising can be a great way to get the word out there about your service or product in a cost-effective, efficient way.”

What is an IP address?

IP is short for Internet Protocol. An IP address is a unique numerical address assigned to every machine connected to the Internet. This is a unique string of numbers identifies a computer or server on the Internet. These numbers are normally shown in groups separated by periods

The 32-bit numeric address that identifies an Internet host to other computers on the Internet.

Every computer on the Internet or an Intranet has a unique numerical address in the form abcd where ad are numbers from 0-255. For example: “”. For convenience many computers also have a name something like “”

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