Our Process

The Art of Listening

How do we build very good experiences?

With a process can be expressed simply and elegantly:

Listen. Create.


We listen to our clients: discover their goals and objectives, their net net and need states. We listen to our clients: meet with them in the field, hear the feelings behind the words, the intentions behind the actions.

Creating Very Good Experience

We decide what the opportunity is, what approach we’ll take, and then begin the creative stage, coming up with a big idea. The idea is our platform, our springboard for execution, and determines which channels we use. We then develop a high-level prototype that demonstrates our creative concept, with functionality that best represents the client experience. The prototype is brought in front of clients to test its viability and usability and see if it resonates.

Quality // Test, Optimize, Repeat.

Once we get our clients’ reaction to the prototype, we refine our execution and go into full development. Or, if necessary, rethink our direction, go back to clients, and listen and create again. It’s an iterative, cyclical process, based on equal collaboration between client and agency, disciplines and titles.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Phone: +91-98840-28123
Email: hello@silex.co.in
Web: www.silex.co.in

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