Top Websites of 2009 !!


Sites to Visit

  1. Flickr
  2. California Coastline
  3. Delicious
  4. Metafilter
  5. popurls
  6. Twitter
  7. Skype
  8. Boing Boing
  9. Academic Earth
  10. OpenTable
  11. Google
  12. YouTube
  13. Wolfram|Alpha
  14. Hulu
  15. Vimeo
  16. Fora TV
  17. Craiglook
  18. Shop Goodwill
  19. Amazon
  20. Kayak
  21. Netflix
  22. Etsy
  23. Property Shark
  24. Redfin
  25. Wikipedia
  26. Internet Archive
  27. Kiva
  28. ConsumerSearch
  29. Metacritic
  30. Pollster
  31. Facebook
  32. Pandora and
  33. Musicovery
  34. Spotify
  35. Supercook
  36. Yelp
  37. Visuwords
  38. CouchSurfing
  39. NameVoyager
  40. Mint
  41. TripIt
  42. Aardvark
  44. Issuu
  45. Photosynth
  46. OMGPOP
  47. WorldWideTelescope
  48. Fonolo
  49. Get High Now
  50. Know Your Meme

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Skype coming to BlackBerry, iPhone. Does Skype need a 3G support?

by Larry Dignan

Skype is officially coming to the iPhone and BlackBerry, but is being limited to WiFi for now. Simply put, don’t expect Skype working over a 3G network anytime soon. 

Various reports have Skype unveiling its service for the iPhone on Tuesday and BlackBerry in May. Skype will also work with the latest iPod touch. 

But Skype had to compromise to get its software on mobile devices. Wireless carriers have viewed mobile Skype as a threat so for now it is being limited to WiFi. Apple limits voice applications in its App Store so they only work over WiFi. Skype has already been announced on Windows Mobile, Google’s Android and Nokia phones.

Carriers will still get the data plan revenue from Skype, but it’s unclear how limiting the WiFi only mandate will be. For starters, I won’t be trying Skype mobile out at all on my BlackBerry since Verizon Wireless generally doesn’t do the WiFi support thing. 

However, the iPod touch has become more interesting. Will limiting mobile Skype just to WiFi really accomplish anything?


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