Yes! You Need Feed…

You-Need-FeedRazorfish just released the 2009 version of Feed. This report is probably the best analysis of online consumer behavior. Here are some of the major conclusions:

Contrary to popular belief, consumers are not shutting out brands – they’re interacting with them. According to FEED, 77 percent of consumers surveyed have watched a commercial or video advertisement on YouTube with some frequency; 69 percent have provided feedback to a brand, either through a website or a third-party service like; 65 percent have played a branded browser-based game, and 40 percent of consumers have friended a brand on Facebook. Moreover, 70 percent have participated in a brand-sponsored contest or sweepstakes.

Digital experiences create customers. The overwhelming majority of consumers who actively engage with a brand in digital fashion are much more inclined to purchase products and recommend the brand to others.

Digital can make or break a brand. Sixty-five percent of consumers say that a digital experience, either positive or negative, changed their opinion of a brand. Of those, 97 percent said that their experience influenced whether they eventually purchased from the brand.

Feed is a must-read if you’re interested in social media and marketing.


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