5 Steps to Order a Kid’s Perfect Birthday Cake :)

Bakery-Order-Cake-Happy-BirthdayPlacing a special bakery order request can be a delight or a disaster. It depends on your attention to detail and a competent bakery. Many people use their grocery store in-house bakery to order their child’s birthday cake and these easy steps can help guarantee your get the cake you want. Your child’s birthday is one of the most special occasions; you’ll want the cake to be just as special for your child and your party guests.

Step 1:  Choosing the size of your cake is important. Follow these guidelines:

2-layer round 8-inch cake feeds 8 to 12 servings
1/4 sheet cake serves 16 to 24 servings
1/2 sheet cake serves 32 to 48 servings
full sheet cake serves 48 servings

Step 2: Choosing your cake flavor and frosting should be the next thing to do. Most bakery departments offer both the traditional butter cream and lighter whipped cream frostings. Consider a filling such as lemon or raspberry gel, cream cheese, chocolate fudge or fresh fruit like sliced bananas or strawberries.

Step 3: Picking a theme for your cake depends on what is available in pre-designed cakes or your own design. Many children like the toy or cartoon theme decorations. Some stores allow you to brings in your own small toy as a cake topping. Ask your bakery clerk what they have to offer. If you go with your own theme try fun confetti for a festive look.

Step 4: Specify your color choices for the border and other theme designs. Floral is nice for all occasions and think about balloons for boys instead of the typical frosting roses.

Step 5: Most bakeries have a photo cake option. This is when you bring in a photo and the bakery prints it out on edible paper and lays it on the top. You can frame your child’s face or download a favorite movie character. For teens, bring in a picture of their favorite band that you can download from the Internet.

Tips: You want your child’s birthday cake to be as special as the day itself so take the time to work closely with the bakery of your choice. Attention to detail and clear communications can make your birthday party cake a delight for your child and your guests.

The most popular to place the order:

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+  The French Loaf, India:  http://bit.ly/2vFvKC

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