How Brands Can Use Twitter Lists

Create-Twitter-ListThey’re new, novel, and fun to use, but how can you actually put these new Twitter lists to use? Over on Weber Shadwick’s Social Studies blog, Daniel Honigman gives insight into how brands can get the most out of lists. These tips include using the feature to:

  • Segment and grow your customer base.
  • Reference those who are paying attention to you.
  • Thank and promote people who talk to you.

Here are some ways your brand can use Twitter’s new on-site functionality:

  • Segment and grow your local customer base: If you’re a global brand with a local — or even hyperlocal — customer base, enable your consumers to connect with each other through you. For instance, a world-famous chain of coffee bars could set up meetup groups through local lists, and when it’s ready to execute on some local programs, it already has its local influencers lined up.Twitter-List
  • Reference list for who’s really paying attention to you: Your brand may have thousands upon thousands of Twitter followers, but are they really paying attention?

Sound pretty good? Hop over to the full post to read the explanations and the rest of the tips.


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