A professor’s multi-million-dollar bread enterprise

Mr M. Mahadevan, Hot Breads, World WideBusiness is about risk-taking, unlike as in employment, differentiates Mr M. Mahadevan, Director, Oriental Cuisines Pvt. Ltd, Chennai ( www.orientalgroup.in), when reflecting on how he gave up his college teaching job and become an entrepreneur in the food industry. “What made me an entrepreneur?” he asks rhetorically, and answers: “Some people say greed. I’d say ambition. To reach…”

At the fifth edition of monthly breakfast meetings called ‘Meet Success First Hand’ organised by the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce, Chennai, Mr Mahadevan highlighted how it was focus that helped his brand ‘Hot Breads’ achieve success in a high-mortality industry like restaurants. “Seventy per cent pack up in the first year, and 12-18 per cent close in the second year. If you survive the third year, you’d go on. Which is why banks consider it suicidal to lend to the industry.”

get a websiteAn advantage in the industry, however, is that sales are on cash while payments are on credit — ‘after 90 days in Dubai, and after 30 days in Chennai’ — he says. His first unit in Chennai was near the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India office on Nungambakkam High Road, started with Rs 60,000 as investment, and four people. Now, the group, with about 100 outlets all over the world, has crossed a turnover of Rs 45 crore in India employing 800 people, and the global numbers are almost three times as much. “I scouted for Chinese cooks,” reminisces Mr Mahadevan. “Because, according to my homework, which I do for all projects, Indians love Chinese food. Every 5-star hotel has an Indian restaurant and then a Chinese one.”

His research and homework continue, even as he keeps adding value to Oriental Cuisines’ portfolio comprising Benjarong, Copper Chimney, Cream Centre, Ente Keralam, China Town, The French Loaf, Maple Leaf, Planet Yumm, The Noodle House, Oriental Inn, Qwikys Coffee, Wang’s Kitchen, Zara Tapas Bar and more…


Hot Breads, India Website: www.hotbreads.in
Hot Breads, USA Website:  www.hotbreadsusa.com
Oriental Cuisines Corporate Website:   www.orientalgroup.in

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Courtesy: Anitha Parthasarathy


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