Bad Campaign Worse than None at All

Bad creative is a drag

Online marketers had better not be negligent. Good creative makes a successful campaign, but data from Dynamic Logic suggests that the worst-performing campaigns can actually negatively affect brand metrics.

The bottom 20% of online ad campaigns reduced opinions among Internet users exposed to the ads across the board. And purchase intent was pushed down the most by a bad campaign—by 4.1 percentage points.

Online Display Advertising

Top-performing campaigns, by contrast, boosted online ad awareness, message association and aided brand awareness by more than 8 percentage points each.

“When it comes to digital advertising, a lot of time is spent choosing Web sites, ad sizes, formats, targeting and other factors,” said Ken Mallon, Dynamic Logic’s SVP of custom solutions, in a statement. “However, not enough time is spent producing and testing high quality ads.”

2009 data from Eyeblaster also suggests that good creative is key to online ad campaigns. The study of rich media ads showed that online ad sizes were not as important for driving click-through rates and other interaction metrics as the nature of the creative.

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