Google Apps vs. MS Office Web Apps


Microsoft Web Apps and Google Apps actually have more similarities than differences. ZDNet’s Ed Bott provides an in-depth look at Office Web Apps here, but I’ll start with a side-by-side comparison of their features (for a more visual representation of these features, check out my gallery here):

Feature Google
Web Apps
Cost Free for personal/ed use; $50/user for businesses Free for personal/ed use; requires Sharepoint and Office volume licensing for businesses
Word processing Yes Yes; currently view only
Presentations Yes Yes
Spreadsheets Yes Yes
Web site builder Yes No
Calendaring Yes Yes
Video hosting Yes No
Support for Office 2007/2008/2010 file types No Yes
Support for OpenOffice file types Yes No
Storage of any file type No Yes
Pivot Table support No Yes
Ability to publish documents to the web Yes Code provided to embed publicly shared documents in a web page; no native publication
Create forms and collect data in spreadsheets Yes No
Share documents with other users Yes Yes
Edit documents simultaneously Yes No
True WYSIWYG viewing of Office documents No Yes
Formula support in spreadsheets Yes Yes
Office integration (”Open document in Office”) No Yes
Themes and formatting in presentations created from scratch Yes No
Live/interactive presentations Yes No

Sure, there are some features that Google Apps supports that are missing from Web Apps and vice versa. But they both provide online, browser-/platform-independent access to productivity applications.


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