Packaging Design: If Harry Potter Did!!

Check out this unboxing video for the Samsung WB1000. Ok, it’s a spoof but a very clever one. I was fooled at first and I don’t think I was the only one judging by the comments.

The interesting thing is that the video is posted in two places. On Samsung’s Youtube page, as well as a regular user edanhush184, who seems to be getting more views than Samsung’s page.

And what exactly is “unboxing”? One of the most celebrated geek rituals…

“It begins with a rush right from the moment of purchase, whether online or off, to the foreplay of opening the package, examining its contents, and ends with the exhilarating finish of turning on and using your tech toy… Think Lolcats riding rainbow rollercoasters; the sensation in the pit of your stomach…that unforgettable.” Jank (


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