Site of the week 23-May-2009


For over 15 years, the Instant Imprints network has helped businesses and individuals with customized apparel, signage and promotional products. The extensive national database has over 200,000 imprintable items for any occasion. Our Mission

The first franchise concept to embrace every facet of the imprinted promotions market. A unique showroom and production facility that combines Embroidery, Screen-Printing, Banners, Signs, Heat Transfers and Promotional Products into one business that caters to both corporate and consumer markets.

All Instant Imprints design and production done in-house, using the latest technology to create products ranging from personalized gifts to large business orders. A full service sign department that produces long and short term signage, as well as full color digital output for posters, tradeshows and retail. A retail franchise catalog that offers businesses and teams with a stunning variety of wearable – polo and golf shirts, short and long sleeved t-shirts, sweatshirts and sweatpants, athletic team apparel, caps and visors, and outerwear made of nylon, poplin, micro fiber, leather, cotton, or fleece; all of which can be stylized and personalized with logos, slogans, and team and player names and numbers.

This location similar to other locations of Instant Imprints is an owner operated business. Every individual on the team has gone through extensive training on the various product centers at a highly sophisticated training facility in San Diego, CA – The Instant Imprints Franchising headquarters. –

In addition to expertise on the various products & services the owners and employees at Instant Imprints of Wallingford and Meriden have experience in corporate and retail sales that will ensure excellent service to the customer.  To join our team of professionals and pursue a career in Graphic Design, Screen printing, Store Management or Sales please call (203) 235.6000 or email us at

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2 Responses to Site of the week 23-May-2009

  1. Jonas says:

    I’ve been through the site u provided. It’s been really good. Thanks for providing so.

  2. panitha says:

    Hello Jonas,
    Thanks for the stopping by, these are the sites we have worked for the clients directly, to make the projects work for them as usual 🙂

    Thanks much…

    Team Silex Technologies, India

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