Life is for sharing

Editor’s Note: Yes… some things are worth sharing, even two months late. Originally a post sent around by Sam Cannon, praise for this fantastic campaign reentered my inbox this week from Adam Turinas as something his “70 something aunt in Canada emailed it to me. Hhhmh! This internet thing could be big”. Proving a good campaign doesn’t just touch the hearts of us marketers, but 70 year old Canadian aunts.

On an otherwise average Thursday morning in January, T-Mobile UK made good on its campaign theme, “Life is for sharing,” by giving some unsuspecting commuters at Liverpool Street Station something to share: a blaring music mix interrupted the drone of PA announcements as 400 “undercover” dancers stepped into a tightly choreographed routine for about two-and-a-half minutes – just enough time for people to take notice and whip out their camera phones. Relevant and entertaining, the dance and related clips have racked up millions of views already on YouTube. Goes to show, good ideas promote themselves.

The Dance
The Rehearsal
The Tease
Audience Reaction
“Share Your Best Moves” YouTube Channel





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