How to build a top-notch email list

An Email List that Sparkles
10 tips for building and maintaining a quality email list

Your email list is one of the most important assets you have, and a high-quality list is worth its weight in gold. What exactly is a quality list? It’s made up of valid email addresses to which you have clear permission to send specific content.

Why does the quality of your list matter? For starters, it can have a direct impact the deliverability of your emails. When you continue to mail to addresses that have bounced, ISPs take notice. They take even more notice when you get spam complaints from your recipients (their customers). Remember that these days, most ISPs define spam as any email their customers have indicated they don’t want to receive.

A low-quality list can also have a direct impact on the success of your emails. You’re sending emails because you want to communicate with your contacts. If they don’t receive your email because it is either blocked or delivered to their spam folder, you aren’t reaching them. And if they are annoyed at your content or your frequency, they are likely to delete your message or file a spam complaint. Either way, you won’t get the opens, click-throughs, and other results you are seeking.

So your deliverability and reputation with your subscribers are deeply intertwined, and building and maintaining a clean list is critical to keeping both on the right track!


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