How To Create A Website

If you are new to web design and would like to create a website, this section is for you. Creating a website from scratch can be daunting for beginners, especially for someone who has no or little experience with the internet. For the first time, the Sitecritic team has put together a guide for people who want to create a website but do not know how to go about doing it. If you like, you can call this guide “Website Creation For Dummies”.


The objective of our tutorial is to guide you through the complicated process of creating a website without doing any programming.

After you have created the website, you can always go back and add more advance features to your site or refine your webpages anytime. 

Getting The Mindset Right

Firstly, you must know what you want to do with the website. Do you want to create a website for fun or for business? Do you intend to make money out of it? If you are serious about website creation, you must be prepared to invest at least $150 USD even if you are to design your own website. Why $150? For domain hosting and registration. If you just want to play around, you can get free domains easily by just googling for ‘free domains’. Domain registration and hosting will be discussed more later. 

There may be times when our guide may be different from the norm. It is hard for us to explain everything in every step and we do not want to complicate you with new terms. As mentioned, this “How To Create A Website” guide is for beginners. Therefore in every step, we try to be as brief as possible without using too many computer jargons. If you are stucked because of certain concepts, the first website you should visit is (This is one of those websites that you have to remember). Our article section is a also good resource for web design and internet technologies. 

Software That You Must Install 

We strongly encourage you to install 3 free software before you start. They are the Google toolbar, Alexa Toolbar and Firefox browser. You can download Google’s toolbar from, Alexa toolbar from and firefox browser from

Google pagerank(PR) is an estimate of how important a website is to the google search engine. Many people believe that the higher the page rank, the better your website will be ranked in the google search engine results (This is still debatable at the time of writting). Alexa ranking gives you an estimate of the traffic of a website; The higher the traffic, the lower the figure. for example, has an alexa ranking of 1 for a long time already. Though not accurate, many people still use it as a gauge of the performance of a website. It works by giving a website a vote everytime someone with alexa installed visited the site. You will need to use these toolbars when doing search engine optimisation. 

Why Firefox browser?
Firefox is the next most popular browser after Internet Explorer. When designing your website, you want it to look correct both in IE and Firefox. This is the aesthetic part. 

Website Creation Quick Summary

To let you have an overview of what is happening, we have summarised “How to create a website” in 6 steps: 

1. Keyword research and how to choose good keywords
2. Buy a domain name and a hosting package.
3. Create your web pages.
4. Upload your website.
5. Optimize your site for search engines.
6. Monitor your website traffic. 

Are you are ready to proceed? 

😉 😀


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