Why Hosting Solutions?

Microsoft & Linux Hosting Solutions

Why host in India?

Before you decide where to host your website, consider the following:

  • Where is your target audience: US/ India?
  • How many hops away would your site be from your customer?
  • Do you have physical proximity to the organization with whom you have hosted?
  • Does your hosting company have an efficient support mechanism, and how fast can you contact them?

Hosting your website in India offers you a range of benefits:

  • Reduced number of hops required to reach your website.
  • Reduced browsing time by approximately 300% due to faster accessible web pages.
  • No data packet loss with each hop.
  • Better customer support.

Advantages: Hosting Services

Largest website hosting company, which has world-proven capability to host your company’s website, right here in India.

Our ISO 27001 certified internet data centers are benchmarked against global standards. In addition we have the largest data network in India. Net4 hosting infrastructure is connected to the Internet by means of a high-speed OC-3 fiber connectivity.

Net4’s key advantages in the web hosting domain are:

  • Superior bandwidth infrastructure ensuring faster connections.
  • A guarantee of 99.9% uptime.
  • Scalability and security to match your business growth
  • 7 State-of-the-art data centers in different locations in India.
  • Professional and high-caliber engineers for providing technical assistance and round-the-clock monitoring.


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